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Benefits of Augmented & Virtual Reality apps in business?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is not a new technology. They are minimizing the difference between the real and virtual environments. Both technologies have immense potential in the tech driven world. From adding value to employee learning to enhancing the customer experience in retail shopping, AR/VR software solutions are worth every dime of your business’s investment.

AR/VR is giving brands the much needed competitive edge. By creating a virtual world of imagination, it’s aiding users visualize things in a more applicable manner. At Day One, we provide AI powered AR/VR app development services that incorporate the next-gen technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to build immersive web and mobile applications.

Personalizing Content for Immersive Experiences

Multisensory Experiences for interactive marketing and Branding, Advertising

Product Engineering & Innovation, marketing
to new audience

Adaptive & Immersive Learning Experiences

Site Inspections, Demos and 3D vision, Field Service

Communications & Collaboration

Our AR/VR Business Services

We are an Augmented and Virtual Reality app development service provider and to boost your users with everything they need. Day One as a top AR VR development agency in Singapore that specializes in the best applications that cut through the use of AR VR development services and its unique features, attractive UI / UX, and smart support can help your business at various stages to seize endless opportunities.

AR/VR App Consultation

As the best AR and VR development company we understand the need for software advisory and consultation. And at Day One we support our clients with it round the clock. Discovery Workshops is our initial phase of understanding project requirements so that we can draft a roadmap and help businesses to scale, as per their objectives, timeline, resources and budget.

AR & VR apps for iOS and Android

There is no better way to stay connected with your users than a mobile app. As a native app development company, we can build powerful iOS and Android apps, driven by ARToolKit and ARCore for the best of AR/VR in mobile apps, from concept to reality. Teamed with data and AI solutions, it’s the next-gen of user engagement in mobility solutions.

Custom AR/VR Enterprise Apps

When it comes to AR VR application development solutions, the consumer market is not the only gainer. Realizing its potential, especially in training and R&D, large enterprises are looking at building AR and VR apps for internal processes as well. Custom AR/VR apps are built keeping specific business requirements and teams in mind, with solutions in gamification and multimedia content, for keeping learning engaging, interactive and self-paced. With the addition of AI solutions, enterprise apps can even enable chatbot development solutions for more. At Day One, we top it all up with planned support and maintenance services as well.

IoT and AI in AR/VR apps

It’s the era of smart and connected devices. From manufacturing units to consumer brands, sensor-based technology, and IoT is making headlines. With our AR/VR applications for business we bring solutions in Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, gesture recognition, object recognition, face recognition, IoT, and more, to give brands the advantage of cognitive tech.

Entertainment Apps and AR/VR Visualization

Visual storytelling is daunting. From working on next-gen graphics and VFX for gaming apps, to 3D modeling with big data, UI/UX designing to coding and integration, we get all done, with PIXL Studio, our vertical for UI/UX design services for mobile, web and desktops, you can stay rest assured that your AR/VR project is in safe hands.

Location based AR/VR solutions

There’s a simpler and more effective way to target audiences from a specific geographic location. The location-based solutions for AR/VR app development. By combining a mix of elements including images, tags and social media data, geo-mapping, etc. we develop apps that offer information on the location, and compass/GPS based assistance to navigation. Whether it’s in-store navigation or discovering a new hangout, our app solutions are the right fit for it.

AR app development as a Service

AR/VR enabled Web app for EdTech

EdTech | Singapore | Web app | AI | Mobile Apps | AR/VR

The team at Day One collaborated with Singapore based, Vere360 on an interesting project for mobile and web application development services for their AR/VR powered immersive learning EdTech platform. We built a desktop and mobile app that’s user-friendly, rich in features and functionalities (eg. multimedia content, easy share etc.), and driven by AI solutions for drawing data-driven insights. As a AR/VR software development company this was a project that gave us the opportunity to use the best of cognitive and immersive technologies.

Industry examples of AR and VR
app solutions

The impact of AR/VR technology is everywhere! We are a leading AR/VR app development service provider, who help startups and enterprises understand what the technology means to their business and how it can improve their ROI.

EdTech and Training

Virtual field trips
Virtual Labs
Interactive Lessons


Surgery Simulations
VR led Medical Conference
VR led Therapy


3D preview and catalogue
Virtual fitting rooms
In-store navigation


GPS Navigation
360 degree photos/videos
Virtual historic/ hotel tours

Real Estate

Virtual living spaces
Virtual property walkthroughs
Architecture & Design


Product Prototype/Design
CAD solutions

Technology Stack

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